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"Having A Ball"

"Having A Ball" started of as an unorthodox podcast which chronicled the late, great Joseph Barnes' courageous battle with metastasised testicular cancer. Now, in Joe's memory, the extended ball'er family is launching the movement globally - to save others.

In loving memory of Joseph Barnes (1982-2022)

We're immensely proud of our now retired show, "Having A Ball". A spin-off might occur at a later date, but at this point in time, it's retired due to the loss of Joseph. 

You can either find us on YouTube or all podcast-streaming platforms.


in English

27 episodes A humorous take on a man's ongoing experience with testicular cancer. This could be offensive to some, but it's meant to inspire, enlighten and maybe cause a few laughs. Hosted by Joseph Barnes (the patient) and Andreas Enehaug ("the other guy").

"Having a ball" Joseph Barnes & Andreas Enehaug Comedy

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